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Comparison principle of oxygen-oxygen method

on the oxygen concentrator works, in fact, we knew a lot about. But, thinking to make relevant content for you, so that everyone will know about this more. So we can know how to choose when buying oxygen can be selected to suit your product. That will make us better able to play in the process of using the product's performance.
, water oxygen methods
junior middle school chemistry lessons we've learned, to distilled water in electrolytic DC electricity, produce hydrogen and oxygen. This is the water oxygen methods. However, such methods are extremely dangerous, because hydrogen is very flammable and explosive gas. Industrial production is not the case. Common practice is that water into the cell, add sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, and then into direct current, resulting in oxygen. Oxygen water electrolysis, advantage is the high purity of oxygen, but the disadvantage is that power, each producing a cubic meters of oxygen to electricity 12-15 kWh, is less in the economic sense. Therefore, water electrolytic oxygen method is not suitable for mass production, but does not apply to home oxygen.

Second, chemical reaction of oxygen by
junior middle school chemistry lessons we've learned, for heating potassium permanganate can factor out the oxygen. (Oh, junior was not white) this is the chemical reaction of oxygen method. Industrial oxygen, most used is potassium chlorate, 1 kg of potassium chlorate can produce 270 litres of oxygen. Disadvantage of this kind of oxygen making method is expensive, consumption of raw materials, and easily mixed with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water and other impurities and chemical reaction method is not suitable for mass production in oxygen and home oxygen.
c, physical separation of oxygen
physical separation method is the use of different physical properties of oxygen and nitrogen in the air, the oxygen extraction. Compared to chemical reaction with oxygen, the physical separation of oxygen's biggest advantage is that no harm to human body. Physical separation of oxygen there are mainly low temperature separation, adsorption and separation and membrane separation.
low temperature processing: air compression, cooling, liquefaction of saturated the air, oxygen, nitrogen's boiling point difference, oxygen-nitrogen separation by distillation method to obtain high purity oxygen. Industrial oxygen is currently the most widely used cryogenic air separation method with high purity, high yield, low power consumption and so many advantages, dominant in the oxygen industry. However, home oxygen concentrator such methods is not realistic nor economic.