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Home oxygen concentrator nourishing is popular in all over the world

We know oxygen for respiratory disease, and cardiovascular system disease patients, Plateau reaction, chronic rehabilitation period patients, and elderly, and doctor recommends sucking oxygen who, and pregnant women and the fetal Palace within distress, crowd, and using household oxygen for "nourishing" in world around deeply welcomes:
a, and in Japan-sucking oxygen sustained pressure; Japanese life stability Home World of first, sucking oxygen ease pressure, became Japanese most universal of health measures. Japan Women oxygen is also very popular, Japan the IQ of the child's breakthrough reached 130.
  second, Singapore-exam time have become Singapore student life will do one thing, and effective oxygen supplementation is also to a certain extent, ease the anxiety of candidates, exam play more smoothly.
  III, in the United States-the oxygen age 60 years United States physical fitness for the elderly equivalent of 40 years of a person's health, whether at home, at home or in the car, Americans anytime additional physiological hypoxia has become a habit.
  four, Korea-oxygen beautiful skin; oxygen has become one of the most popular way to improve, and its effective role, and has been recognized by more and more people.