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Improve respiratory oxygen effect

everyone are know, we of life is without oxygen of, people time are is breathing oxygen, if we once hypoxia on will because energy supply insufficient, metabolism disorder eventually caused various disease, serious of when may will appeared shock, phenomenon, and now pollution brings of serious consequences is increasingly more of people due to air of pollution got respiratory disease, people time are breathing this has problem of oxygen, sick is must of, Oxygen is the most effective one of the most effective ways to improve its pathology, can improve the body of oxygen within a short time to achieve the purpose of oxygen supply.
in General, provided that the partial pressure of oxygen is lower than normal oxygen therapy, but in practice tend to adopt a more stringent standard. For adult patients, particularly in patients with chronic respiratory failure, partial pressure of oxygen is less than 60mmHg is notarized, indication of oxygen therapy. And for patients with acute respiratory failure, and indication of oxygen therapy should be relaxed. Without carbon dioxide retention hypoxemia: problems in patients with oxygenation disorders, normal ventilation function. High concentrations of oxygen may be given (more than 35%), partial pressure of oxygen to 60mmHg. associated with significant carbon dioxide retention hypoxemia: with carbon dioxide retention hypoxemia, low concentration of oxygen should be given (less than 5%), control of partial pressure of oxygen to 60mmHg. For the above diagnosis of carbon dioxide retention and hypoxemia, must eventually came to the conclusion after the doctor's diagnosis.

while oxygen therapy must be aware of the following issues: avoid high concentrations of oxygen for a long time to prevent oxygen toxicity. Note that inhalation of the gas must be wet. Prevention cross infection, sucking oxygen device needed regularly for disinfection while note fire, do security most important, usually everyone using oxygen sucking oxygen time also not had long, select right of time sucking oxygen very important, for in the elderly for, bed Qian sucking oxygen of health effect best, and can effective control night and morning occurred accident situation (heart and cerebral thrombosis in night and morning of onset chances highest), for work busy that effect sleep of middle-aged for, due to oxygen of calm role, Can improve sleep quality.