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Misunderstanding for oxygen-oxygen therapy

as a new product in a very short period of time have occupied half of the health products became known to all routine health care needs, especially among the elderly people and pregnant women, to put it down, but the effect is not natural language, he can not only alleviate fatigue, maintaining vitality, can also slow down high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases. But as an emerging health product, a lot of people he had some misunderstanding, lists a few common misconceptions for you today:
first: only when the patient couldn't stand that. Commence oxygen would have to think a lot of patients in emergency, to be used, and other time not used does not know, as we all know, ill not stiffness should be timely, correct, treatment system, which is conducive to disease cure, body recovery. Especially the need of correcting hypoxia diseases, but also to early oxygen. Disease early, the patients body has great compensation. Activating this compensation, rehabilitation and improve the quality of life on the body has a considerable effect, patients, doctors for the first time oxygen is true. Delay this time, compensatory skills imbalance or even lost, lost the chance of a cure.
the second misunderstanding: the fear of oxygen for a long time, can produce dependence. In fact, this fear is completely superfluous. Life without oxygen, the oxygen can effectively adjust the body's physiological state, but oxygen is not addictive. This is medical science has confirmed. Oxygen from the second world war since it was first used clinically, since decades, throughout the world there is no oxygen addiction report of

third a misunderstanding: fear of oxygen-oxygen poisoning, we all know that the right amount of water on the body's digestive and urinary systems are very good, but too much water can lead to water intoxication. For example, oxygen is the same. Use it regularly, to clean up the respiratory tract, replacement lungs of harmful gases, ensuring good health. But also has a lot of oxygen poisoning condition: 2 continuous oxygen at atmospheric pressure over many hours, oxygen toxicity can occur. Under normal circumstances, we are using nasal tube of oxygen inhalation oxygen inhalation. Flow of 2-3 l/min, with nasal tubes for pure oxygen, oxygen flow to improve a liter per minute, effective oxygen concentration in the lungs can improve 4%. Oxygen toxicity the concentration required are one big, there is no oxygen toxicity occurs.
the fourth myth: fear of oxygen affects their image, some in leadership positions at the Office or business executives think oxygen, giving a morbid image, fear of negative impact. This consideration was superfluous. Now society is a highly functioning society, management responsibilities greater and greater pressure. Corresponding to body and mind more pay than ordinary people, are more susceptible to fatigue, which has long been understood by people. In-place oxygen can relieve fatigue, and save time, which is the basis for efficient work. Seen from another angle, in order to keep high energy oxygen use and precautions in order to devote to daily work, oxygen is necessary at the Office.