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Molecular sieve oxygen concentrator international standards

oxygen production from the initial chemical oxygen, gradually developed to improve the techniques of molecular sieve oxygen. Which has experienced various technical reforms. But from a standards point of view the oxygen market standards, currently can be divided into three types of production standards.
ISO8359 international standards and United States F1464-93 standards and YY/T0298-1998 standards in the country.
from the perspective of product quality, international and United States standards for molecular sieve oxygen concentrator performance specifications the following mandatory requirements:
product must have the cumulative timer function cannot be changed;

oxygen concentration must have a monitoring and early-warning function;
product recommendations, design temperature monitoring and early-warning function;
Products in continued for oxygen State Xia, oxygen flow fluctuations average must in plus or minus 10% within;
products in continuous work State Xia, rated flow Xia of oxygen concentration changes range must in plus or minus 3% within;
products in design life in the of oxygen purity should always above a a security value, ISO8359 agreed of security value for 82%, United States F1464-93 standard agreed of security value for 85%;< BR/> 
product must be regularly maintained to ensure performance stability, safety, effect of oxygen is effective.
Chinese YY/T0298-1998 standard of the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator provides a more relaxed, leading home oxygen machine brand products of high quality. When consumers purchase/home oxygen for medical use, it is recommended that references these standards into account. First priority is given to foreign oxygen brand. Foreign product quality is not so good, but because of tariffs, its high price without our domestic products. Now if we just from a practical point of view, the domestic product can satisfy our daily needs. You don't have to look abroad. Rather than domestic products around us.