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Oxygen-enriched membrane concept aerobic oxygen therapy ineffective

oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen plants, is based on the principle of organic polymer membranes selectively permeable, polymeric oxygen-rich membrane allows oxygen molecules in the air priority properties, concentrated by physical device set, thus producing oxygen. Compared with today's advanced technology, the backward production technology can not meet our present needs. For that oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen plants good marketers. Just propaganda for commercial purposes.
as with the now oxygen-making technology matures, molecular sieve oxygen generating technology has become mainstream. The oxygen concentration has easily exceeded 90%. For the body's oxygen therapy provides a good solution. But spoke about this emerging technology of oxygen concentrations too high can cause oxygen toxicity, is a great thing there. For some publicity and only 30% of oxygen purity is the most suitable for oxygen concentration, 30% of the oxygen concentration of the medical profession called "oxygen", also known as the "oxygen of life." In this oxygen-rich environment, people's physical functioning, mental and blood oxygen concentration to achieve top physical condition. That's really the case?

If you do buy them to sell oxygen enrichment membrane oxygen plants will experience their "unusual" results. A lot of people don't know is that oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen plants have a fatal flaw, 30% concentrations of oxygen into the air, it will soon air dilution, concentration and nature with 21% of almost the same oxygen concentration. In addition, the oxygen system takes oxygen concentrations decreased with machine time. Therefore, oxygen-rich membrane oxygen concentrator for home oxygen therapy ineffective. If we really believe that through appropriate oxygen therapy can help to the body. I would advise people to buy the more mature markets of molecular sieve oxygen generating technology, as it is responsible for their good health.