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Oxygen use during high temperature processing

for oxygen, and with increasing number of uses. With more and more problems are encountered in the process is of concern to the public. Today we'll talk about oxygen generator failure due to temperature solution:
1 suction temperature too high. This phenomenon is mainly due to suction valve failure, damaged valve spring, valve closed lax, exhaust valve back suction suction temperature rise or heat exchanger and water.

Solution: repair suction valves or increase the amount of cooling water.
2 the exhaust temperature is too high. ① valve failure, exhaust valve leakage is not opened properly II piston damage or excessive wear will not seal, is a cylinder of compressed gas leakage into the suction side. ③ insufficient cooling of the cylinder.
Solution: repair exhaust valve ① ② ③ repair replace piston ring increase the amount of cold water.
3 high oil temperature: ① oil not enough    II, oil deterioration, stolen property does not meet the requirements of quality and aim at Center of moving parts, clearance is too small. ④ in the crankcase oil level is too high, cause moving parts to hit oil. ⑤ insufficient oil cooler.
Solution: check the oil system ① ② ③ maintenance ④ of moving parts replaced to meet the requirements of lubricating oil put oil, oil level meet the requirements. ⑤ repair oil cooler, special attention to the water is smooth, increase the amount of cooling water.