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Several evaluation and sales are well recommended home oxygen concentrator

have been engaged in an oxygen plant sales in this industry, used to be sold to others, nor the need to own the family, recently I have a relative in the House need to come on when I choose, I found that seemed all too familiar to every oxygen, do not know what to recommend to others, and finally bought a 1600 oxygen. I believe that many customers who purchase an oxygen plant face the problem, in the selection of oxygen does not know how to choose, today I am here to recommend several evaluation and sales are good oxygen.


diving nurses 7F-1 home medical oxygen oxygen oxygen oxygen to maternal health medical equipment

diving, is a medical device, I believe we all know the brand. His oxygen and medical oxygen generator, oxygen concentrations are high, but the disadvantage is that the prices are high, simple functions, is a large, covers are not easy to move, and only a hope and seriously ill patients to choose. But this oxygen performance is more stable, because the compressor is relatively large, evaluation is good.

second paragraph:

home oxygen concentrator portable home oxygen machine family old man oxygen oxygen OL-3 oxygen supplement robot

oxygen life and diving, are oxygen-brand leader, but diving is the first brand of medical oxygen, and oxygen is the first brand of home oxygen. Oxygen oxygen related equipment is an old brand, will have almost 15 years, these years also produced a number of types of oxygen, almost a total of 60 laikuan. It is best to produce small, portable does not occupy small home oxygen concentrator, as this oxygen robot, is the home oxygen industry is performance configuration and a model of oxygen-making technology has the highest. For example, fault alarm, touch screen, tuning functions, is a very useful function when oxygen inhalation for the elderly, currently is the top brand in the industry, we can understand.

third paragraph:

deer God household portable oxygen oxygen oxygen SL-03 old women 3L

deer God, the oxygen is high-flow 3L, that is 3L, what is 3L, that is when the flow of oxygen in the 3L when the oxygen concentration can reach more than 90%. For some patients with severe respiratory disease, or cerebrovascular, must choose the large discharge and high concentration of oxygen to meet the oxygen requirement, supplemental oxygen users if you need to select the 3L machine, I recommend this for everyone, this machine has casters to facilitate them, also with remote control, model is relatively large, but is to teach small display, the old man looked a little hard.

three oxygen plants above, current quality is concerned, I think these three brands are relatively good, there are people in need, or you can search the network to find out.


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