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Using the oxygen concentrator needs to control his oxygen flow

we are using a home oxygen concentrator oxygen when oxygen flow control is really nice, not too much, it will have a negative effect on the body, oxygen toxicity can occur. Certainly too little, or not at all to the real effects of oxygen therapy. So how do we control needs oxygen flow is so important.
considering the economic factors in the home, when we just bought a home oxygen concentrator, you can gradually increase the concentration of oxygen flow. In the General case of inhalation of oxygen flow ensures that the oxygen saturation at 90%, at the beginning we can choose low flow rate oxygen inhalation, observation of oxygen before and after relief of symptoms to determine the most suitable oxygen flow to symptom relief in patients with significant minimum oxygen flow as a regular flow of oxygen.

but if you think that this method is not suitable for you, you can also provide your family buy a home oxygen concentrator with oxygen flow monitor function, so that it does not need its own dedicated manual adjust oxygen flow oxygen alone able to self-adjusting intelligent! This is very handy. So the features that affects our use of the machine.