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Service commitment

• before-sale service:
1, politely and seriously take advice from customers, phones, an accurate understanding of the users, the necessary technical requirements for products and detailed record of the data.
2, careful analysis of customer advisory information, timely products required to provide samples and technical programmes. During the
3, project tracking, accurate picture of client progress, timely help customers reduce the cost of reasonable recommendations.
4, invites customers to the enterprise site visits, participate in technical research best practices.

• after-sales service:
1, equipment delivery date, three bags of 1.5 years, life-long service.
2, free for user guide installation, debugging and training operators, until it can operate, until the master process principle and simple maintenance.
3, equipment operation, if an unexpected condition, factory after receiving feedback, strict implementation of the guidelines for delegating technical staff within 24 hours in place of service enterprises.