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&Nbsp;   in fact, now there are a lot of people are using oxygen, but in the use of oxygen when the noise problem has troubled a lot of people. According to some statistics show now, when many consumers in the purchase of home oxygen is the most important use of home oxygen therapy. Yet in this part of the oxygen therapy patients, in general the vast majority of people using home oxygen concentrator in the evening. At night when we sleep the rest of the time, so oxygen generator running noise problem, or is directly related to the patient's physical and mental state, oxygen therapy products we select a factor not to be ignored.
         you in the purchase of oxygen also can try oxygen and awareness of all aspects of oxygen, so buy a home is to do a lot of trouble. However the oxygen for a really good product, this advanced technology not only oxygen, but also in terms of noise control technology performance, also have good leading skills. It is on this basis that, in fact, for every oxygen running row about noise should be less than 45 DB. Now comes at the height of summer, when many patients is not easy to fall asleep by this time, if the oxygen is running noise is too large, will no doubt make their mood is more agitated, direct damage to their physical and mental health. Home oxygen concentrator noise come from? Home oxygen concentrator the noise smaller? In fact, noise is the main source of oxygen compressors. Home oxygen concentrator, however designed with air compressor, compressors, compressed air is needed in making the process of oxygen gas liquefaction, this time will produce noise. A lot of noise and the size of oxygen volume and structure have a strong correlation. In General, greater the volume of oxygen, which has enough space to install noise insulation, then oxygen generator noise will be less.
        many of the products are with noise, but you did not decisively rejected. Secondly, many home oxygen concentrator is placed space also affects the size of the noise. If home oxygen concentrator is placed in a small enclosed space, so oxygen formed echo sound reflection, thereby increasing noise emitted by machines. If home oxygen machine is all in the open space, then the noise will be much smaller this time. In addition if conditions on the ground will also affect the size of home oxygen generator noise. Same machine, placed on a wooden floor noise than the noise on the tile floor, the noise on the cement floor than on the table of the noise.