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      use the oxygen for oxygen therapy is no longer unheard of thing, and it's a lot of people this way. Oxygen therapy now we the people pay more and more, however, many members with some knowledge of the oxygen therapy is also increasingly understood. While oxygen therapy as a doctor, is also a universal knowledge of oxygen therapy is one's own responsibility, this small addendum to the Goodyear and we talk about the cause and effect of oxygen therapy hypoxia.
       in fact, the people there are many causes of hypoxia, on people's body's influence is also obvious things. However is General up caused hypoxia of reasons main has following several aspects: first, and due to everyone by at of environment due to, usually everyone is in Mall, and basement and air conditioning room, place caused hypoxia of; second words is due to some of disease caused of hypoxia, according to Ka years Le of understand now of respiratory disease and blood cycle bad, some column disease will appeared hypoxia of symptoms; third, and due to everyone is long time attention of height concentrated and led to hypoxia of phenomenon produced of; IV, and Hypoxia due to bad situations such as drinking and smoking. In fact, some of these are causes hypoxia, however in these anoxic phenomena, is the reason why different levels of oxygen therapy needs are different. In General if this is due to the heart and brain blood vessels caused by hypoxia in patients with cervical spondylosis I suggest in a day early, middle and late of oxygen; if the people in sub-healthy state of 1-2 times a day can be, while we at around the 30 minutes each time. Now oxygen benefits are many, and home oxygen concentrator now the price is not expensive, here is to suggest that we can buy a home oxygen when oxygen, to give your body extra points in time.