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&Nbsp;     in the face of the symptoms of hypoxia, people will be able to choose some reasonable way to add oxygen. First is sure oxygen would not be dependent on the now oxygen is absolutely not drugs. the material necessary for this is human livelihoods; now, however, the oxygen is to cure or mitigate hypoxia reflected, was suspended after oxygen they had reflected, this practice is still embodied in the hypoxic, do not discuss withdrawal reflected. For some oxygen inhalation diseases is to keep everyone's life is necessary to cure. experts in the research of cultivated human umbilical vein endothelial cell aerobic respiration, is good to the use of respiration measured with high resolution. Now the rate of oxygen consumption is changed more than six times the size of cell density. While people's respiratory effects and carbonyl cyanide or dinitrophenol coupling to 3.5 times times, for these respiratory rate and maximum breathing adds to a minimum limit for decoupling cells is restrained to the control level. Cell size differences explain every cell is a similar change in respiratory rate. Lots of time to contribute maximum oxygen across the mitochondrial coupling cell recuperation, then the slope is derived of luminous flux depends on the slope of the uncoupled inhibit cell coupled cells. Thus coupling cell relies on magnetic flux causes metabolic changes, and respiration rate are closely related.
         daily photosynthesis in plants, production for people use large amounts of oxygen, but when oxygen is being polluted. In fact, oxygen is important part of our Earth's water and air, is a very important thing, is your body's natural processes. Although these are shows that we are all dependent on oxygen, "oxygen rely on" this tag applies only to demand the use of oxygen tanks, because of some medical conditions in people. Regardless of whether you need to use an oxygen tank taken up full-time or part-time job, actually swims to the, and some oxygen to rely on. However some rely on oxygen, and now is the use of oxygen when diving, for example, is similar to a person's medical condition, very good to hold their breath, and is made up of oxygen use. When you are using up oxygen, for medical reasons was labeled "relies on oxygen," you worry is able to rely more and more on make up for some of the oxygen, if you use it when swimming. But no matter how many such patients are using oxygen, the label is a misnomer, however, the body cannot rely on oxygen. People's livelihood depends on oxygen, oxygen free radicals can occur in this process, have a harmful effect on body. Free radicals in the normal body composition and eradication in a dynamical equilibrium, once that balance is damaged, that is when free radicals in the body within a heap too much, will easily induce various diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, dementia, diabetes, nervous exhaustion, premature aging, cancer and other diseases. On some of normal for words just inhalation 21% of oxygen on enough of has, if people often sucking oxygen words, especially sucking high concentration of oxygen and into high pressure oxygen class of, makes people of body oxygen points high words, is is will formed a oxygen poisoning of, main is reflected for pulmonary edema or fainted and air changes, some of dynamic of, also has can induced other disease of phenomenon occurred of.