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1. electronic oxygen generator. This oxygen is Pharmacy see. Are in principle is in solution of the oxygen in the air oxidation and reduction. Such oxygen generator to run quieter. But is is very strict in handling and use, this must absolutely not be tilted or inverted, and must also comply with the operating manual, otherwise will bring damage to the users. also is one thing is the way oxygen is power hungry.
  2.-molecular sieve oxygen concentrator. This oxygen is advanced gas separation technology, which oxygen large, about 5,000 hours of service life. If is the more frequent use of oxygen, and oxygen will be shortened, and the price for-1 molecular sieve about the price and buy a new oxygen generator.
  3. chemical oxygen generator. Certain occasions used an oxygen generator, but when it comes to pharmaceutical formulation, has met some top urgently, but poorly equipped, is in operation it is inconvenient, expensive, and may not be used, so the kinds of oxygen concentrator for home oxygen therapy.
  4. oxygen enrichment membrane oxygen plants. Oxygen enrichment membrane technology, in fact, the principle is to use oxygen and nitrogen molecules dissolved in the oxygen-rich membrane at different speeds, simply gather oxygen from the air, exclusion of nitrogen, which is to get the oxygen you need ... Oxygen enrichment membrane oxygen oxygen generator broke the traditional problems of, and does not need additives do not have to add water to the oxygen inside, when connected to power will be able to absorb oxygen. Very little power consumption, energy saving, and oxygen with more than 20 years. And the danger of oxygen poisoning does not exist, don't have to worry about dependencies.