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   now of chronic lung source sex heart most common of is for chronic hypoxia deficiency bloody lung source sex heart of, while and said blocked sex emphysema sex heart of, referred to pulmonary heart disease of, is refers to by lung thorax or pulmonary of chronic lesions caused of lung cycle resistance increased many, this when is will to pulmonary high pressure and right ventricular mast, may is with or not with right heart failure of a heart. Pulmonary heart disease is a common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in China.
     these patients had chronic cough and sputum production or history of asthma, is also emerging weakness and breathing difficulties in life. Is actually in the physical examination is significant emphysema, including barrel chest, percussion of the lung is excessive voiceless, upper bound down liver dullness and heart relatively sonant bound narrowed or disappeared.
    Cor pulmonale develops to a certain stage of all there will be disorder hypoxaemia. There is sufficient evidence, as some long-term home oxygen therapy can improve the patient's health status, improving the quality of life, improve exercise endurance, reduce acute and extended lifetime. Patients with pulmonary heart disease is under what circumstances oxygen therapy? For some acute exacerbation or arterial partial pressure of oxygen is less than 60 mm Hg or blood oxygen saturation is lower than 90% and about oxygen therapy.
    for some patients with chronic Cor pulmonale during remission, as long as it is with one of the following conditions may be long-term home oxygen therapy:
    ① arterial partial pressure of oxygen is less than 55 mm Hg; or between 55~60 mm Hg, patients are associated with cardiac dysfunction, Polycythemia and hematocrit of >55%.
     second, the arterial partial pressure of oxygen is less than 60 mm Hg when they are oxygen saturation during sleep at night is less than 88%, this time at all nasal cannula is often used or <30% nasal inhalation of low concentrations of oxygen, oxygen for not less than 12 hours a day. Hypoxemia on the body can have some adverse effects, but it is also aggravating the biggest cause of pulmonary heart disease.
    is back in a long time ago, however, foreign medical experts have pointed out that some can do some aerobic respiration in patients with pulmonary heart disease in time to supplement of hypoxemia due to hypoxia. However is this approach can effectively prevent the recurrence of pulmonary heart disease, but also for the treatment of pulmonary heart disease also played a very good role in promoting!