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&Nbsp;   however is in recently but when received a users of mail, said in Ka years Le of website Shang see household oxygen of introduced, he is learn to has many learned, this when of he is thinking acquisition a Taiwan to home of elderly using of, but has a friends introduced he acquisition now of household oxygen tank, said is also can provides sucking oxygen basic of function, he is not know this two products that compared good? Due to the products of the two oxygen functions are similar, all for human use for, so this time I gave you analyze the defects of both products, I hope you can depending on how I need to select to purchase that product.
    market Shang of oxygen tank can points two varieties type of, a is convenient of portable oxygen cylinders, mask type near 190 grams around of, nasal sucking type near 200 grams around of, capacity in 14000ML around of's, oxygen tank of price in dozens of Yuan around, if is normal sucking oxygen of when a bottle oxygen cylinders about can for mask type using 80-100 times, each 2-3 seconds is can of has, Nasal suction with 20-40 minutes. Said this of oxygen cylinders words advantages is Bento carry, however this of defects is one-time using, cannot to do filling oxygen; a is can filling oxygen of oxygen tank, price 10 rose in 400 Yuan around of, weight in 11KG around of, shape compared like that gas bottle that of, for oxygen flow 1L-10L/mim around of continuous can adjustable, however for this of defects is compared heavy inconvenience Dang go, everyone each filling oxygen to to oxygen station or hospital filling Shang oxygen, quite not Bento of.
    home oxygen concentrator machine weight now at around 4.5KG-10KG, 1-5L/MIN and oxygen flow, and oxygen at this time general price at around 1000-3000, but now the whole process of oxygen adsorption process without some chemical reactions. Oxygen of advantages is itself can manufacturing many of oxygen, raw materials for air of, on now of environment no pollution, and is can intelligent control sucking oxygen time, can everyone is long time continued for oxygen of, for example zhiqian author referral of many of oxygen, basically on can continuous work 10,000 hours above of, on some of elderly for words, if this when of sucking oxygen time relative more long, if everyone is to using oxygen tank words may on needs frequently change, If now is to go to a home oxygen machine, then you do not have this annoying, fairly convenient. But this time the defect is not easy to take out power supply and demand, comparable to prices more expensive than an oxygen tank, but using it for a long time, this can mean more than the oxygen tank deal, oxygen tank needs change after purchase or oxygenation, while home oxygen generated from the acquisition cost as long as some of the electricity. What kind of good home oxygen concentrator and oxygen tanks, was also a matter of opinion, it is actually from the practice, if it is for the elderly at home using it, the author also rests with the acquisition of home oxygen better.