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     pollution is very serious now, smog is bothering everyone every day for everyone and brought a certain amount of work can affect the body. Now with the development of science and technology in modern society, this time about their standard of living requires higher and higher, and more home oxygen gradually came into the family, oxygen is playing role of oxygen health care or medical oxygen, because oxygen concentrator uses a very convenient and easy to carry, has been well received by users. But in the us, as it did not notice some of the details, people are going to have all kinds of little problems, and now is here to give you a brief summary of the home oxygen concentrator will encounter in daily use what small problems?

      (1) you are using home oxygen concentrator oxygen when filling bags need to be aware of is that when the oxygen in the oxygen bag after filling, must first pull the oxygen by this time after intubation, then power off the home oxygen concentrator, humidification and thus is less likely to form.
     (2), however you now have patients using home oxygen concentrator, when there is a power failure, but in order to prevent accidents from happening, or prepare other contingency measures.
      (3) home oxygen concentrator when idle for a long time now, and please cut off the oxygen supply, remember to fall wet in the water tank of pure water. Also going to clean household oxygen-shell, with a clean plastic cover, and put the oxygen in ventilated and dry place
      (4), humidification and oxygen in the water level in the tank should not be too high (with half of the wet tank water level), otherwise the water in the tank will escape or enter the oxygen tube.
(5), members may recall that in the purchase of home oxygen patient should read the instructions carefully before using oxygen.
     (6) home oxygen use, or go to the indoor location, remember and other objects around the distance is greater than 20 cm.
     (7) home oxygen concentrator now close when we should make the flow ball placed on the zero on the scale.
     (8) you should pay attention to the process of using a home oxygen concentrator may not bump, or oxygen at home runtime when noise is present.
    (9) and to avoid open flames when the oxygen used to prevent the occurrence of fires.
    (10), now the household oxygen-carrying and storage process, no cross, inverted, moist or Sun!
    (11) General cleaning of home oxygen concentrator filters or wet remember that cut off the power supply when the water tank.