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      in fact, oxygen and blood oxygen saturation are closely related. Now oxygen for normal blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood oxygen saturation is that you can see, oxygen saturation is a term, which refers to the concentration of oxygen in the blood. But also a lot of the body's needs, as well as for adjusting the oxygen in the blood of a very precise and specific balance. Now, however, the normal oxygen content in the blood is considered to be about 95-100%. If the level is below 90% when it is considered to be low at this time result in hypoxemia under 80% blood oxygen levels may endanger the function of organs, such as the brain and heart of the people, and to address in a timely manner. However faced with continued low oxygen levels can cause respiratory or cardiac arrest. This time oxygen therapy can be used to help raise the level of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen when oxygen molecules enter the tissues of the body. For example, blood oxygenation in the lungs, in which oxygen molecules out of the air and into the blood stream.
      blood oxygen saturation, and is closely related to people's health. Oxygenation is now commonly used to refer to the medical oxygen saturation in the blood, but in medicine the blood oxygen saturation (SO2), often is referred to as "SATS", usually oxygen is measured by the percentage of blood hemoglobin binding sites. A lower partial pressure of oxygen at this time, and most of the hemoglobin Deoxy. About 90% in General, but it is under increased oxygen dissociation curve of hemoglobin oxygen saturation (according to the different clinical cases), and > 10,000 kPa partial pressure of oxygen close to 100%. Pulse of the people depends on the saturation of blood oxygen saturation of optical absorption properties of hemoglobin, oxygen saturation in the blood indicates that is. This balance was maintained in most cases by chemical processes in the body, can very well maintain aerobic metabolism and lifespan. When people are in the respiratory system, while red blood cells, especially the hemoglobin, gather the lungs of oxygen in the body, and distributed to other parts of the body. But this time the body's blood oxygen needs may be fluctuations in the movement, such as when more oxygen is required or when living at high altitudes. Blood type a cells are thought to carry the normal amount of oxygen when it is "saturated". Both high and low levels may cause adverse effects to our body.