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&Nbsp;   many are is not know himself why to purchase oxygen and to using oxygen of purpose, but many of things is not not know is not need not do of, actually using oxygen for sucking oxygen words is on everyone of body is is has help of, some for need long-term need family oxygen therapy of patients words is purpose is improve body in the of artery blood oxygen points pressure and to increased organization oxygen of supply of, Such is can to ease hypoxia sex pulmonary spasm and red blood cells increased, and reduce water sodium retention, and reduced pulmonary pressure and blood and sticky consistency, and is good of to improved heart lung brain kidney, important organ of function, and also is can to improve people of life quality, and enhanced some patients movement endurance and life themselves capacity, and better of to prevent heart lung function of deterioration of, such on to reduced has many of lost compensatory sex breathing failure of occurred times reduced hospital times and time and medical costs.
        1, everyone first thing to note is the oxygen for as long as possible. Because this when of low oxygen blood syndrome not short time oxygen therapy on can solution of things, many of patients is such of to think sucking oxygen is illness extreme serious of performance, even also some patients they on such of think long time sucking oxygen words is will caused poisoning or effect yihou acute onset Shi treatment effect, so they is very of exclusion sucking oxygen, they on only in gas tight is obviously Shi only short time with oxygen of. But, in fact, already has been a lot of studies have shown that if we are to master adapts to the oxygen concentration, oxygen longer as people's daily, at this time, the good things about recovery.
       2, and people as long as to do daily insisted oxygen therapy 15 hours above words, these is on reduce symptoms, improved body the system of function also is will has significantly of effect of; second words people also is to note sleep Shi continued with oxygen of, purpose timely to prevent people in sleep of when central nervous excited sex reduced and the Shang respiratory blocked and aggravated hypoxia; sucking oxygen flow General in 3L/min (Oxygen concentration is 35%) respectively, but if many event occurs after the patient apparently flustered increased oxygen partial pressure drop occurs, this time is high concentration oxygen therapy can be given a short time until after their symptoms and reduce oxygen flow.
      3, and now of oxygen therapy of when should to note heating and wet of, because people of respiratory within keep 37 ℃ temperature and 95%~100% humidity is mucus Cilia system normal clear function of necessary of, so in inhalation oxygen should through wet of bottle and necessary of heating device, purpose is to prevent inhalation cold of oxygen stimulus injury gas road Mucosa, to phlegm dry and effect Cilia of "scavenger" function of.
       4, if oxygen catheters and nasal congestion should always pay attention to check for secretion of jam, you are promptly replaced. So as to ensure effective and safe oxygen therapy.
       5, members in the use of home oxygen therapy should also pay attention to basic safety of oxygen in order to avoid exposure to high temperatures, open flames.