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49S Crystal nitrogen generator

49S Crystal nitrogen generator

Product description:
          49S Crystal nitrogen process descriptions
    1, after air compressors compressed air into the air tank, after the air pretreatment device.
    2, precision air pretreatment device consists of four different filter and an activated carbon filter. Compressed air refrigeration dryer and filter the water, oil, dust filter and clean.
    3, clean air into nitrogen machine, pneumatic valve automatically switches on after host, two towers of alternating absorption, adsorption and desorption which hosts most of the air separating nitrogen and less oxygen and oxygen-rich air evacuation, nitrogen accumulation, by pipeline to the nitrogen buffer tank, after the flow meter into the scene.
               49S nitrogen generator technology
    1, provide oil or oil-free compressed air, Start power on production and nitrogen; nitrogen purity nitrogen flow rate can be adjusted by adjusting, adjusting range of 95%~99.99%.
    2, complete set of equipment for automatic operation, and are equipped with pressure-energy-saving control, to ensure that the entire nitrogen generators operating in economic, energy-saving.
    3, purity of line detection, pretreatment, water activated carbon air filtration devices. Cooling capacity, filter range, high precision, ensures that the nitrogen making machine in adverse conditions, the long-term and stable operation.