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Ship-specific nitrogen generator

Ship-specific nitrogen generator

Product description
PSA nitrogen generator of carbon molecular sieve, is a new type of air separation equipment with compressed air as raw material, carbon molecular sieve as absorbent, using pressure swing adsorption process (referred to as P.S.A). At room temperature under low pressure, using air from the oxygen and nitrogen in the different diffusion rates of carbon molecular sieve, separating oxygen and nitrogen, nitrogen purity and production according to customer requirements. This company produces the HSG series nitrogen-nitrogen generator nitrogen purity is 98-99.99%, n 5NM3/H/FONT>1000 NM3/H,HSG series nitrogen-producing devices and the company's series of HSDC nitrogen purification device supporting high-purity nitrogen-nitrogen system, nitrogen purity 99.9995%, n 5NM3/H?/FONT>1000 NM3/H, nitrogen-oxygen content less than or equal to 5ppm, Dew point-60 ℃ or less. Products across the petroleum chemical industry, chemical industry, chemical fiber, medicine, food, beverages, steel, electric furnace, furnaces and other industries.

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